Early Warning Systems

International Workshop on Global Flood Monitoring and Forecasting, Ispra, Italy, 22 – 24 March 2011

The first International Workshop on Global Flood Monitoring and Forecasting gathered 20 scientific experts, 4 humanitarian organizations and 2 insurance groups to discuss the state of the art in this new and multi-disciplinary field. Main purpose of the workshop was to verify the possibility of integrating different systems.

ITHACA participated presenting two global monitoring systems: the Extreme Rainfall Detection System and the automatic water bodies classification and analysis based on MODIS data processing.

Sharing data and information among the group is considered a pre-requisite and for that reason a web portal has been established. Furthermore, a joint validation study for the different methodologies developed by group members is set up, considering some recent flood events as test cases: Pakistan (July/August 2010), SE Brazil (January 2011) and Namibia (2011).