ITHACA staff Cristina Monaco’s article wins the first prize at the Premio Rassegna Economica 2017

On Friday 20th April 2018, SRM Maritime Economy Institute at the Assembly Hall in Banco di Napoli (Naples) presented the Seventh Edition of the call for papers for the “Rassegna Economica” international journal; for this event, researchers from both Italian and foreign universities are invited to participate in the competition for the publication of essays concerning one of the following strands of research: the Underground Economy in Italy and in the Southern Italy (“Mezzogiorno”) and The competitive features and the evolutionary dynamics of the Maritime Economy in the Mezzogiorno and in the rest of Italy.

The evaluation process took into account in particular the originality and innovativeness of the theme, the relevance and coherence of the topic with the strands of research, the methodological rigor as well as the quality in the drafting of the text. This year’s winner article, for the second line of research, is Cristina Monaco’s “Geointelligenge supporting Maritime Economy analysis”; the paper presents a project that aims at providing geographic and value-added information to support the maritime economy trend analysis, focusing on the Mediterranean Sea area. In particular, an operational methodology, capable of analyzing naval routes across the Mediterranean basin, was investigated and defined. According to this analysis, it was possible to monitor the Mediterranean maritime economy trend in comparison with the global one, the Chinese influence on import/export, the adaptation of naval traffic in the major Italian ports, the frequency of some naval corridors, etc.; the obtained results are represented in thematic maps. 

For more information: http://www.sr-m.it/rassegna-economica-presentato-al-banco-di-napoli-il-valore-economico-della-legalita/