Our expertise is to extract high value-added information from GeoData

Copernicus Sentinel data (2015)/ESA, CC BY-SA 3.0 IGO

We have built strong competences in the field of acquisition, management and elaboration of geographic and cartographic data for emergency response purposes, delivering methodologies, analytical services and technical tools to improve the capacity of the international humanitarian community in early warning, early impact assessment and other risk management related areas.

Our fields of expertise through the projects and services we are involved with.


We proudly work with European civil protection agencies and support them on a wide range of thematic areas with our know-how in geomatics.


We support end-customers in various application domains (agriculture, forestry, environment, mobility, etc.) also integrating additional datasets such as in situ data, aerial/drone data, IoT, geospatial databases.

EEA Spatial Data Themes




Processing and analysing naval port call and terrestrial AIS data.

SRM - Vessel Density Maps


Providing strategic tools, having complete, immediate and intuitive information, to be used during the preparedness and response phases of the emergency cycle.


Climate Change

Exploring the more innovative EO products related to developing or improving methodologies for deriving socio-economic and environmental parameters and indicators, to align knowledge, availability of resources, management capacity, proper EO data and non-EO data availability & quick access, and in general sense, to have deep experience in the EO field in order to deliver innovative solutions in such a short delivering time.

EO Clinic