Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning in Myanmar

contains modified Copernicus Sentinel data (2017), processed by ESA, CC BY-SA 3.0 IGO

The project, financed by EuropeAid, will be implemented in 2015-16 by the already consolidated partnership of the SWM2 project, namely the City of Torino (consortium leader), ITHACA, the Italian NGO CESVI and the YCDC (Yangon City Development Committee), technically assisted by the Torino public company 5T. In a sprawling city expected to double its population by 2040, SUMP's primary objective is to contribute to shape a more sustainable urban environment in Yangon by directly involving local institutions, citizens and relevant stakeholders for sharing European best practices and expertise in transportation policies and road safety. Key elements of the project will be:

  • local authorities institutional and technical capacity building in improving strategic planning through the transfer of good practices and models;
  • access to appropriate technologies improving the staff capacities in order to increase their performance in the planning processes;
  • citizens’ participation in the decision-making process and their dialog with local authorities, increasing public awareness on mobility issues.

ITHACA will provide technical assistance and capacity building to local authorities in the field of digital mapping and cartography, by the setup of a Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) to store reference datasets and key-features, and the delivery of specific training sessions which will provide YCDC with the technical know-how to manage the SDI (data entry, management and analysis, GIS).